Dokkx is funded by the City Council of Aarhus Municipality.

X stands for the unknown. X stands for experiment. But X is also a letter that, with a little imagination, looks like an active human being.

At DokkX, citizens can get advice and guidance so that they can acquire the right technologies and tools that support an independent and active life.

DokkX is also a space for innovation, in which education and research institutions, business and industry, the Municipality and the citizens of Aarhus can collaborate in the development of technological solutions for the future.

The current exhibition

The current exhibition, Healthy and strong with welfare technology, focuses on the welfare technology initiatives that the corona crisis has resulted in.

Among other things, you can experience:

  • Digital training platforms and apps you can use to do workout at home
  • Measuring devices you can use to monitor your own health condition
  • Systems for home care so that unnecessary visits to the doctor or the hospital can be avoided

The theme of the DokkX exhibition changes every six months, so there is a good reason to visit again and again.

Click here to see the technologies in the current exhibition

This exhibition ends on November 25th.